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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the headbands?

The headbands are stretchy and fit newborn to adult. I have tried many different suppliers, and am confident these headbands are the best available. They won't leave a dent on your babies head, and are very comfortable.

What kind of alligator clip do you use?

We use a straight metal alligator clip. You can choose right or left depending on which side of the head you will be wearing it on. I have also added a rubber grip to ensure it stays put in your hair.

What is a wisp clip?

Wisp clips are small metal clips that attach to the smallest amount of baby hair. They have tiny teeth, and also snap closed to grip onto the hair. Search "wisp clip" on YouTube for a demonstration of how they work.

Do you do custom orders?

The short answer to this is, it depends. Send me an email of what you're looking for and I will let you know. It depends on my availability, and if I have the time. 

Can I pick up if I live locally?

Yes! I live in the west end of Hamilton, ON. Just choose "Local Pickup" as your shipping option. I'll let you know my address when it's waiting in my mailbox!

Are your products safe?

As with any baby product or accessory, never leave your child unattended while using our products. By purchasing this item the customer assumes full responsibility for ensuring proper use of this product, and the customer agrees that the use and purchase of the product is entirely at the customer’s own risk. The Olive Company, nor any of its agents, affiliates, or contact providers shall be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of use of the products.